About Us

In business since 2007, our mission is such: we fashioned our name "Throwing Copper" based on the accepted wisdom that copper stimulates the flow of positive energy between individuals; more, we are markedly Earth conscious as we carry an organic solution and strive to be as lite on ecological footprinting as possible. Thus, we offer an affordable Eco-luxury service in a chillaxed, harmonious, aesthetic environment allowing for a unique, artisan style of airbrush tanning.

Treat yourself to our yummy solution that contains skin loving moisturizers, aloe-vera and glycerin, along with anti-aging antioxidants white tea and grape seed extract. Our solution produces the most natural looking results and will leave your skin soft, glowing and beautifully hued!

It's a "Hue"volution!

During the 1920's French designer CoCo Chanel revolutionized fashion trends by designing women's clothes that revealed more skin, and in the process redefined social norms by making it "au courant" to acquire a sun tan. Women stepped out of the house and started enjoying outdoor life… Today, we are encouraging everyone to join the "Hue"volution by stepping out of harmful UV-rays, and start enjoying a healthy alternative to sun tanning. Organic Body Hueing is a high quality, unique form of custom airbrush tanning designed by Throwing Copper to embark on this new era in sunless tanning!

What's your HUE?

We will help you choose from one of our custom hues:
  • "HONEY" – light
  • "COPPER" – medium
  • "CHESTNUT" – dark
  • "MUD"- richly dark