Important Tips

Pre-Hueing Instructions

Prior to body hueing, you should exfoliate your skin. The exfoliating process should take place after washing and rinsing your hair and shaving your legs. The skin scrub will remove any alkaline residues from shaving creams or soaps and pH adjust your skin producing better results. Should you wish to have your face hued during the session, remove all makeup prior to application. Do not apply moisturizers after showering and exfoliating the day of your session.

Shaving and Waxing: Women should know that if you shave your legs right before your body hueing that it may sting your legs upon application until it has dried. If you wax, you must wax before you come, and then do not wax again until all of your hue has faded- waxing takes off the first layer of skin, therefore will take off your hue in obvious sections. Men should shave their faces the day of the session.

Additionally, make sure you remove all deodorant or antiperspirant prior to hueing. This will require vigorous scrubbing, as it is not easily removed. Be sure to remove from the inside upper part of the arm in addition to the armpit. These products will keep the solution from reaching the skin causing unsightly light spots.

If not hueing nude it is recommended that you use an older swimsuit or under garment during the hueing process or buy one specifically dedicated to the hueing process. The bronzer can be easily removed from natural fibers during a normal wash cycle however, man made fabrics like Lycra, Spandex and Nylon typically found in swimsuits and undergarments can sometimes stain due to their tightly woven properties.

Loose fitting darker colored clothing should be worn from the appointment. Sandals and or flip flops are also recommended so you will not have to put shoes and socks on immediately after hueing. This can remove the solution from excess rubbing and leave light spots. Bring lipstick or lip balm to be applied to the lips prior to spraying the face and a towel to cover your leather car seat.

If you use Retin-A (or over the counter retinoid) or take Accutane, talk to your doctor about going off for one week before your appointment. These can affect how the active ingredient, DHA, is absorbed, which can lead to a splotchy tan.

Post-Hueing Instructions

Always keep in mind that this is not a perfect process and if you experience undesirable results please let us know so we can work with your skin to get to your optimal results. We are really good at this!

For first time clients it is recommended that you shower between four and six hours after hueing to determine how the solution reacts on your skin.

Otherwise you should leave the solution on for at least six and up to twelve hours to achieve the most color from the hueing solution. Results will appear in three to five hours but can continue to develop for up to twenty-four hours after application. Showering is not recommended for at least six to eight hours after hueing. You should also refrain from vigorous exercise resulting in perspiration. This can result in streaky or uneven results. On subsequent visits gradually extend the time the solution is left on your skin until desired color is achieved. We suggest you set your next appointment the day before you would normally change your bed linens thus alleviating the need to change them more frequently. The bronzer washes out of cotton/poly sheets and pillowcases with no problems. Do not get bronzer on silk or satin sheets.

Your ability to follow a daily moisturizing routine will also dictate the longevity of the results. Keeping the skin well moisturized fends off the body's natural process of exfoliation. A well-maintained sunless hue lasts about seven to ten days depending on skin type. The hands and face will usually lose their color first due to consistent washing and makeup removal. Moisturize after showering and before bed or any time the skin feels dry. Consistent use of moisturizer, especially those moisturizers with DHA in them, will extend the sunless hue for up to two weeks keeping it smooth and even looking throughout its duration.

Note: The body is composed of different types of skin and absorbs color differently. Do not to try and scrub color off of the skin even if you don't like the results. It will result in a substantially worse looking condition than the occasional darker spot. Refrain from touching the hued skin prior to your first shower as this will result in hued fingertips and palms. If this occurs, use a pumice stone to remove color from palms. Do not use any type of solvent to try and remove color. It is part of your skin, and it can only be removed by removing skin.